Introducing the Rays of Sunshine

Entering an individual race is usually done based on personal desire or goals.  Entering a team race brings a new dynamic – bringing a team together with similar aspirations that want to try something new, work together as a team and have some fun.

Vicky got some good insight into selecting a team to do an adventure race from Sue, an enthusiatic amateur adventure racer (although she did allude to the fact that her teams have normally got hopelessly lost doing these types of races).  Sue’s insights:

  • Don’t include family members as it is quite normal during an adventure race to ‘hit the wall’ and it is not always recommended to do that with a family member – the ‘unconditional love’ factor can lead to varying outbursts : )
  • It is important to balance the personalities within the team – a team full of ‘bossy’ people may not end well just as a team full of very relaxed personalties may result in the team still wandering the course into the wee hours!
  • Choose people with good attitudes and a sense of humour – the old addage ‘if you don’t laugh you’ll cry’

Vicky selected the team with the above insights in mind – she had also trained and raced with them in the past so knew what they were like in a team situation and were not prone to ‘throwing their toys out of the cot’.  The individuals also get on well together – there are guaranteed to be plenty of laughs along the way.  Vicky had entered the ‘older age group’ so the team’s combined ages also had to exceed 160 – the Rays of Sunshine have a combined age of 166 – positively young!

Ray of Sunshine 1 – Vicky Wilks-Jasmat

Vicky is 56 years young and has been a Personal Trainer in Auckland for over twenty years.  Vicky has run many half marathons, participated in many cycle races, competed in the Rarotonga Triathlon and finished the Paris Marathon, however, the Spirited Women’s Adventure Race will be a first for her.  Vicky maintains a good level of fitness, likes to compete and do the best that she can – the primary goal being to finish and have fun doing so : )

Vicky’s motivation for signing up to the Spirited Women’s Adventure Race is two fold:

  1. To bring together a team of woman that she has much respect and admiration for with the goal of working with them at a level that none of them have experienced before.
  2. To take herself outside her comfort zone.  To stop thinking of limits and consequently opening up her mind and body to fresh possibilities.  To stop playing it safe! 

Ray of Sunshine 2 – Renee Perriton

Renee is 44 years young and an Executive Assistant at Air New Zealand.  She has no adventure racing experience but has run many half marathons and four full marathons.  Her first full marathon was in Melbourne and her race time there is still her personal best.  Renee has also cycled around Lake Taupo twice and competed in the Rarotonga Triathlon twice.  Renee loves all things fitness so when the opportunity to participate in the Spirited Women’s Adventure Race presented itself she couldn’t see how she could say no : )

Renee’s reasons for signing up to the Spirited Women’s Adventure race:

  1. She’s a sucker for a new adventure
  2. She’s a fighter – she will push herself to the limits and beyond – whatever it takes
  3. She loves any excuse for a fun weekend away with the ladies  

Ray of Sunshine 3 – Rachel Lamb

Rachel is 44 years young and a Chartered Accountant currently living in the Hawkes Bay.  Rachel has trained with Vicky for many years and has made lifelong friends along the way. The camraderie created via Vicky is outstanding and is a privilege to be part of.  Having completed a few half marathons and some triathlons, Rachel is excited to be part of the team to take on the Spirited Women’s Adventure Race.

Rachel loves to explore the natural beauty of what NZ has to offer and this race gives her that opportunity.  She is also nervously excited to advance her mountain biking and kayaking skills – two things she loves but tends not to do, favouring standard exercise options instead.  The race will provide the impetus to get out there and ‘just do it’.

Ray of Sunshine 4 – Katy Loudon

Katy really is young at 22 years young!  Katy has just started as a graduate nurse in Auckland.  Again Katy has no adventure racing experience but is an ex rower, a current social hockey player and she has run two half marathons.  She is excited about doing this race as it will give her the motivation to improve her overall fitness after a long break from regular exercise while studying at Otago University in Dunedin.

Katy’s reasons for becoming even more of a Ray of Sunshine:

  1. She loves trying new things, participating in team sports and outdoor activities
  2. She has the inability to say no, especially to food and Vicky
  3. She thinks someone has to drag the old Rays of Sunshine over the finish line! 


This blog was originally set up to share our 9 month adventure around Europe and the USA with friends and family in 2014. On returning to NZ in January 2015 I decided to carry it on so I could continue to share any future travel adventures - it has become my electronic travel diary. I hope you enjoy and get inspired to visit some of the wonderful places we have visited.
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